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Using Nero
Launch Nero.Close the Wizard. Select File->New.

1. Select VideoCD

2. Select PAL or NTSC depending what format your source MPEG is in.Most likely you'll want to use NTSC that's the North American format PAL is European. And hit New. . Locate your .mpg and drag it. Remember that you can add several .mpgs also, each mpg will be a own track on the VCD and you can add data files also, just drag them to any folder. Note!!! If Nero complains you have encoded the VCD MPG file to wrong format, you can then either let Nero encode to correct format or check our VCD Convert guides so you have encode correct or repair the MPG.
Check the time. It should be the same as in the movie.

3. Rename the CD to anything you like by clicking F2 on NEW.

4. Select File->Write CD

5. Select Write speed, lower may work better if you get problem playing the VCD. Select Track at once or Disc at once(it does not matter) and Finalize CD. Hit Write.

This was all taken off of vcdhelp if you need more reference that would be the place to go


DVD Burning Software
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burning dvd movies
How to Burn DVD Movies onto a CD

Convert the file to mpeg2 if it isn't already. You can do this by downloading tmpgenc.
Now here are the steps on how to convert if you should run into any problems

Note! To convert from DivX videos you have to install a DivX Codec
To convert from QuickTime MOV videos you must download the QTReader.vfp, copy it to the TMPGEnc folder. To convert from MPEG2 videos you might need the mpeg2 plugin, extract and copy to the TMPGEnc folder. Or get a MPEG2 Codec and you can open and play MPEG2 with most applications..

Launch TMPGEnc.
1. Browse to open the Video source(if you have trouble opening a video file read the problem at the bottom of this page). 2. Hit the button Load at the bottom right and open the correct Template that you find in the TMPGEnc folder under Templates, open VideoCD(PAL) if the original source in 25 fps or VideoCD(NTSC) if the source in 29,97/30fps or VideoCD(NTSC Film) if the source is 23,97fps. To check what the FPS (frames per second) is open the the AVI/DiVX with Windows Media Encoder and select View->Statistics. If the video is some strange fps as 20fps / 60fps or something try with either PAL or NTSC Film and see what looks best.

3. Select Settings. (see below)
4. Before You Hit Start, it is wise to use the File->Preview to see how the video with look like and it's also good to make a short sample before you encode the entire movie. You can encode some seconds and Stop and view the output. Settings Under Video you can select quality, Use High Quality. (if it is DivX, ASF to MPG you can use Low or Normal Quality). Under Advanced select these settings. Select Source Aspect Ratio select 1:1 (VGA). and under Video Arange Method Full screen(keep aspect ratio)

.bullet If you want a fullscreen movie, if the source is in WideScreen and you want it to be in FullScreen you just select under Advanced under Video Arrange Method: No margin(keep aspect ratio) and TMPGEnc will then cut left and right so it will fit FullScreen. Second get a burning program I use Nero so i will give you the steps for using nero.

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