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Fox’s noted columnist Roger Friedman may have been booted from parent company News Corp due to his decision to download and review an illegally distributed copy of the new X Men flick “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”

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Friedman, known widely for his long time reports on celebrities in all facets of entertainment, was given the ultimate in thumbs down from Fox, News Corp and others who say his decision to nearly advocate the the downloading of any tv show or film as a joke was unacceptable especially since FOX had already condemned the theft and release of the film Tuesday followed by a request for an MPAA and FBI investigation: “Roger Friedman’s views in no way reflect the views of News Corp.,” said representatives for News Corp. While no one can confirm whether or not Friedman has been fired, sources say the veteran’s post which stated “I doubt anyone else has seen this film. But everyone can relax. I am, in fact, amazed about how great “Wolverine” turned out. It exceeds expectations at every turn,” has been deleted and the release of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” will go on as planned.  
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